STOFF2 Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2024

Since September 2022, STOFF2 has been part of or a cooperation partner of the Urban Tech Republic on the site of the former Berlin-Tegel airport.

Here they have developed a innovative zinc intermediate step electrolysis. Unlike conventional electrolysers, their zinc interstage electrolysis combines the production of green production of green hydrogen and the storage of energy in the solid zinc in one plant.

This makes it possible to use every kilowatt hour of solar and wind power and make it available as hydrogen for climate protection and the energy transition - and in a particularly cost-efficient way. In other words: technology of the future, developed and manufactured in Berlin.

STOFF2 is one of the partners of this year's Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, which is organized by the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

On 21st of March they will present their innovative electrolysis technology and the prototype of the
zinc intermediate electrolyzer to the public. This prototype has been in operation on site at GUT Am Flughafen 1.

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